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To fully utilize Linked In as a Business Marketing tool more business people need to recommend each other. Give a recommendation to each person as you link up to them. (only if you really know them, of course) Tell in the recommendation how much you respect their business expertise, or what a great job they did when you hired them. Then recommend the Businesses that you can personally vouch for to other business link-ups on Linked In. Give, give, give and you will receive.

Try to target your link-ups who might be able to use the business you are recommending. (Obviously, you would not refer a plumbing company in Dallas to a business link-up Washington, DC) Send an individual email to each one. Tell them how great this plumbing businesses’ services are and don’t forget to ask them to refer this business to all of their Linked In link-ups. Linked In can work just as word of mouth business networking, but it is virally huge. The key is…. business people have to work it. Give, give, give and you will get Dollars.

To illustrate this concept so you will understand what I am saying: You need to start collecting link-ups on Linked In. As many as you can. Right now on Linked in I consult for a business in DFW that is Linked In to 64 other businesses as a first degree link. These 64 business people are linked in to 15,300 other business people
(mostly in the DFW area), as a first degree link. First Degree link means they can directly send these people an email without paying a fee. These 15,300 people are linked in to 1,518,000 people as a first degree link. That is 1,518,000 people mostly in the DFW area! Think about it!

If you do your recommendation for your 64 people, you can in turn, expect that they will do the same for you and your business. All of these 64 recommendations can be publically seen on your Linked In home page.

The next step is, everyone now sends a direct email to all of their contacts and says something like “ I’d like to recommend a business to you that has done an outstanding job for me when I hired then to fix the plumbing in my building. ABC Plumbing owned by Fred Mertz. I’ve known Fred professionally for 5 years. And I have used him numerous times for plumbing repairs at my business and my home. Please add ABC Plumbing to the top of your list when you or anyone you know needs a good plumber.” Now a business link-up has recommended your business to another business.

Most important, you are getting a direct recommendation for your business from someone who knows and trusts you to 1 Million people in the DFW area! And this is completely free!

Everyone who owns a small business needs to learn how to utilize this Linked In business marketing tool! If they don’t have time to work it and monitor it themselves, consider outsourcing to a professional.

Linked In has rules and you need to know them if you want to maximize it’s no cost potential. Otherwise you can get partially shut down on the service. Basically, you give and give and never expect anything in return. But when you refer & recommend, you get referrals back. It’s the unwritten rule of social internet marketing.
Get your small business on board with social internet marketing and I know you can kick some butt!

Facebook is similar to Linked In in it’s business marketing viral hugeness and it is growing rapidly. Facebook has a lot of potential that Linked In does not have. This topic will be explored in my next blog.