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Here in Dallas Thursday Feb 11 we had beautiful snow. About 12 inches of snow, which breaks a lot of records. But after being without power and hot water for two days, I had a few laments.

A few laments after Snow Storm

A few laments after the snowstorm

I was very disappointed at how Friday turned out for me after the snowstorm. I had a lot to do, but no way to get there. There was no way to get out of my uphill driveway. I wound up with no power until Saturday evening. I was highly motivated to seek out warmth. My house was so cold. I spent a lot of the day at Starbucks on Friday and Saturday. Starbucks was packed, warm and steamy with people and their day old beards and unshowered bodies (since they also had no hot water). Reminiscent of a wet dog. I know that smell well. Since I have three. Dogs, that is.
It all ended Saturday evening when, mercifully, the power came back on.
No, this is not Lake Tahoe

No this is not Lake Tahoe

• Traditionally it was “search engine optimization”
– Build a site
– Apply the black art of indexing, links, meta-tags, directories, etc.
– Hope it shows up in Google someday
– Hope it shows up with the right keywords (what people are typing in when they search)
• Grown to include Pay Per Click
– Google’s Adwords (3 line ads that show up
on the right of search engine results)
– Microsoft’s Adcenter
– Yahoo’s search marketing (Overture)
– Build ads around keywords and pay for
everyone that clicks the ad and visits your site
• The future is Social networking sites: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook so many more!
This is what I do: Teaching Social Media strategies to businesses in the DFW metroplex. Unique one on one training. At a reasonable cost.
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Met with Travis Bond, CFO of WebSafety at thecorporate office. And had some great meetings with Glenna Hecht, Bill Langston and Matt McDermott.

• Twitter Grader – Twitter Grader is a great analytics tool for Twitter, giving you statistics on your own account, and your followers.
• Tweetbuzzer – Tweetbuzzer is a great Twitter analytics tool for companies to monitor their brand, or that of their competition.
• Retweet Rank – Retweet Rank gives you rank, based on your ability to get your tweets retweeted.
• TweetPsych – TweetPsych does a psychological analysis of you based on your Twitter account.
• Tweeps.info – Tweeps.info gives you just about every statistic you can imagine for Twitter users.
• Publicitweet – Publicitweet is a great free Twitter tool for campaigns and analytics.
• TwitterFriends – TwitterFriends is a great Twitter analytics tool that tells you just about everything there is to know about your Twitter friends.
• TweetReach – TweetReach is a great Twitter analytics tool that tells you how much reach your tweets have.

Excerpt from Linked in Q & A Dec 4, 2009
Question asked by
Dave Schneider, Sr. Vice President / Director of Client Services at Tribal DDB Chicago, IL
Deb Durkey, President of Social Internet Expertise, Dallas, Texas

Q: 2009 is nearly done and gone. As the recession starts to break and we all get back to the “new normal” of business, what will digital marketing look like on the other side as we enter 2010? Several of our clients are starting to show an increased desire to be significantly more aggressive across all digital marketing platforms. What do you see? What opportunities are starting to emerge?
Deb Durkey, President of Social Internet Expertise, Dallas, Texas
A: I teach Social Media and conduct training workshops for Small Business owners in the Dallas, Texas area. Small business is, without question, the heart of American business! I see an intense level of business interest in Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and LinkedIn here. This is going to increase for all of next year. These business owners have all sorts of range in computer skills, from excellent to…well…marginal. I let them know that Social Media is important, but it is not the whole picture for their business internet presence. I let them know that they still need to have a killer website (or two, or three), SEO and a great PPC campaign. That’s hard to wrap their mind around when they have a homemade template website and don’t understand what the above terms mean. I bring them information about how long it takes to develop a following on social internet. And the weekly commitment it takes to “link in” and “follow” and “find friends”. Then I explain that everything they do on social media is done to support their entire web presence and internet marketing plan. Everything must tie together and work together to bring in new business and revenue. I foresee that social media is going to raise the level of awareness among small business owners who have previously avoided the need to have a comprehensive internet marketing strategy for their business this year. This should bode well for reasonably priced website developers in the United States. And it will also help these small business owners quickly recover financially from the recession, simply because they are making this new investment in their business.