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• Twitter Grader – Twitter Grader is a great analytics tool for Twitter, giving you statistics on your own account, and your followers.
• Tweetbuzzer – Tweetbuzzer is a great Twitter analytics tool for companies to monitor their brand, or that of their competition.
• Retweet Rank – Retweet Rank gives you rank, based on your ability to get your tweets retweeted.
• TweetPsych – TweetPsych does a psychological analysis of you based on your Twitter account.
• Tweeps.info – Tweeps.info gives you just about every statistic you can imagine for Twitter users.
• Publicitweet – Publicitweet is a great free Twitter tool for campaigns and analytics.
• TwitterFriends – TwitterFriends is a great Twitter analytics tool that tells you just about everything there is to know about your Twitter friends.
• TweetReach – TweetReach is a great Twitter analytics tool that tells you how much reach your tweets have.