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Here in Dallas Thursday Feb 11 we had beautiful snow. About 12 inches of snow, which breaks a lot of records. But after being without power and hot water for two days, I had a few laments.

A few laments after Snow Storm

A few laments after the snowstorm

I was very disappointed at how Friday turned out for me after the snowstorm. I had a lot to do, but no way to get there. There was no way to get out of my uphill driveway. I wound up with no power until Saturday evening. I was highly motivated to seek out warmth. My house was so cold. I spent a lot of the day at Starbucks on Friday and Saturday. Starbucks was packed, warm and steamy with people and their day old beards and unshowered bodies (since they also had no hot water). Reminiscent of a wet dog. I know that smell well. Since I have three. Dogs, that is.
It all ended Saturday evening when, mercifully, the power came back on.
No, this is not Lake Tahoe

No this is not Lake Tahoe