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Relationship and Wellness Show

Steve Bruneman, Dallas Divorce attorney returns to talk to Rodger Blaker, Relationship and Business Coach and Kathy Hines, CelebrityU Talk Show Host.  Steve will be giving us more information about his Relationship Reality Seminars. Steve reveals the passion he has for providing “relationship education” in a positive way.  Steve will help YOU avoid the pitfalls of Divorce.   And he will help you to ameliorate the financial and emotional costs of divorce.

Clint Fuqua returns for his 14 visit to CelebrityU!  Clint will be talking with Kathy Hines about Health in the News and “Spring Break”.

Deb Durkey, Social Media Expert and owner  of Social Internet Expertise joins us for another segment in her series about Business Videos.  Kathy Hines, CelebrityU host and Deb will discuss the importance of an interview format, such as CelebrityU.  A business owner being interviewed on a TV show is instantly seen as an authority in their field of business.  And a “go-to” source for expert advice.  If you are considering a bigger Social Media presence for your business this year, you won’t want to miss out on this segment.

You can watch the Celebrity Show Live at 2 PM – 4PM at http://live.celebrityURadio.tv

CelebrityU Live Show
Can’t watch the show live?  No worries.  Watch the show at your leisure.  Go to this link CelebrityU Radio/TV Show.

The Valentine’s Show
Live on the air and internet streamed
Thursday Feb 10, 2011 from 2-4 PM
You don’t want to miss this show!

Featured Guests:
Deb Durkey, President of Social Internet Expertise
“How to get “Google Love” for you business through Video/Interview appearances on CelebrityU”
Kathy Hines and Deb Durkey will share the “Love’ about such things as “Why are Videos so important to my Business?” and “Why do I need to spend my money to do a Business Video?”

Deb is a Social Media Expert who consults on Internet Marketing Campaigns for many local companies. Deb has owned two successful Medical Businesses. Deb started in business as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative for 15 years. She is a regular Host on CelebrityU and does the Social Media Marketing for the show.

More information on Deb’s expertise can be found at:
Blog: http://www.durkeygurl.wordpress.com
E-Mail: Durkey2@sbcglobal.net
Facebook: http://facebook.com/SocialInternetExpertiseDFW
Twitter: http://Twitter.com/Durke
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/debdurkey

Steve Bruneman, Attorney at Law

Topic: “Get you head on straight before you Divorce!…..Or It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved before.”
Steve has been a divorce attorney for many years. He does a workshop about how to have a sane and civilized divorce. He also helps you get your “ducks in a row” that will ensure that you have the best financial outcome post divorce.
Find more information on Steve and sign up for a workshop at

Patty Farmer of Red Hot Mammas will be interviewing
Danielle Mohr, owner of Cards and Mohr
Topic: Valentine Cards and Mohr!

Twitter: cardsandmohr

Clint Fuqua, Personal Trainer will interview
Mark Berry, Massage Therapist
Topic: Love Thyself! A healthy Valentine’s Day Message
Mark can be reached at 214-810-4531
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/littlemarkberry
Twitter: #mydallasmassage

The CelebrityU Radio TV Show is the brainchild of
Kathy Hines
Host & Executive Radio/TV Producer
Email: kathy@hinesco.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kathrynhines
LinkedIn: Kathy Hines LinkedIn Link
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/khinescoradio
Watch Live: http://live.celebrityuradio.tv
Watch past shows/videos: http://videos.celebrityuradio.tv
Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/celebrityuradio
Twitter show: http://www.twitter.com/celebrityuradio
Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/celebrityuradio

Deb Durkey,co-host, moi, helped Kathy Hines,producer & host, introduce the CelebrityU show on Thursday Aug 5th.

The video explains it all:
Watch live video from durke on Justin.tv“>

    Deb Durkey
    Social Internet Expertise
    Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Training

    Social Internet Marketing, Social Media SEO and Strategies
    Business Blogging , Constant Contact

    Blog: http://www.durkeygurl.wordpress.com

    Facebook: http://facebook.com/SocialInternetExpertiseDFW
    Twitter: http://Twitter.com/Durke
    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/debdurkey

    Website: http://www.SocialInternetExpertise.com

• Traditionally it was “search engine optimization”
– Build a site
– Apply the black art of indexing, links, meta-tags, directories, etc.
– Hope it shows up in Google someday
– Hope it shows up with the right keywords (what people are typing in when they search)
• Grown to include Pay Per Click
– Google’s Adwords (3 line ads that show up
on the right of search engine results)
– Microsoft’s Adcenter
– Yahoo’s search marketing (Overture)
– Build ads around keywords and pay for
everyone that clicks the ad and visits your site
• The future is Social networking sites: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook so many more!
This is what I do: Teaching Social Media strategies to businesses in the DFW metroplex. Unique one on one training. At a reasonable cost.
Social Internet Expertise
Deb Durkey, President
Business Facebook ,Twitter and LinkedIn in DFW
Social Internet Marketing and Strategies
Email Blasts with ConstantContact
Business Blogging
Blog: http://www.durkeygurl.wordpress.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/SocialInternetExpertiseDFW
Twitter: http://Twitter.com/Durke
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/debdurkey
Website: http://www.WebSafetyOne.com

Excerpt from Linked in Q & A Dec 4, 2009
Question asked by
Dave Schneider, Sr. Vice President / Director of Client Services at Tribal DDB Chicago, IL
Deb Durkey, President of Social Internet Expertise, Dallas, Texas

Q: 2009 is nearly done and gone. As the recession starts to break and we all get back to the “new normal” of business, what will digital marketing look like on the other side as we enter 2010? Several of our clients are starting to show an increased desire to be significantly more aggressive across all digital marketing platforms. What do you see? What opportunities are starting to emerge?
Deb Durkey, President of Social Internet Expertise, Dallas, Texas
A: I teach Social Media and conduct training workshops for Small Business owners in the Dallas, Texas area. Small business is, without question, the heart of American business! I see an intense level of business interest in Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and LinkedIn here. This is going to increase for all of next year. These business owners have all sorts of range in computer skills, from excellent to…well…marginal. I let them know that Social Media is important, but it is not the whole picture for their business internet presence. I let them know that they still need to have a killer website (or two, or three), SEO and a great PPC campaign. That’s hard to wrap their mind around when they have a homemade template website and don’t understand what the above terms mean. I bring them information about how long it takes to develop a following on social internet. And the weekly commitment it takes to “link in” and “follow” and “find friends”. Then I explain that everything they do on social media is done to support their entire web presence and internet marketing plan. Everything must tie together and work together to bring in new business and revenue. I foresee that social media is going to raise the level of awareness among small business owners who have previously avoided the need to have a comprehensive internet marketing strategy for their business this year. This should bode well for reasonably priced website developers in the United States. And it will also help these small business owners quickly recover financially from the recession, simply because they are making this new investment in their business.

Secrets you MUST do for your Small Business to Succeed in 2010!
No Mystery here! And many of you may know some of these “secrets”. But are you doing ALL? And are you doing them with commitment and longevity?
Doing these things all the time and keeping it up is essential for 2010!

1. Website/Social Media/Blog
 Your website is the “Mother Ship” of your marketing plan for 2010 and the Social Media shines spotlights on it! Your website’s primary function is to drive or PUSH traffic to your business. Social Media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn PULL traffic to your business. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook have revolutionized the ability for businesses to reach out and touch former customers as well as finding new customers and referrals.
 If you don’t have a great website…GET ONE! Prices have come down if you shop around.
 Look at your Website with your developer and evaluate any improvements that need to be made for 2010. Can you capture emails on your website? Phone number and contact information on every page?
 Videos This year start making videos and post them to all of your internet venues. Twitter, Linked In and Facebook
Complete your profiles with pictures.
Add content at least twice a week or more
Post all of your blogs here
Post all of your videos here
Use *keywords unique to your industry in all of your wording on these postings and blogs
2. Networking Business to Business
 Get out in the neighborhood and meet your business neighbors!
 Networking is a two way street, ask your neighbors what you can do for them first!
 It takes 5-7 visits to make and impact and develop a reciprocal referral source.
 This is a long term commitment and will result in lasting relationships, good will and referrals.
3. Networking Business Groups
 Join one or two local business networking groups, BNI is a good organization, Chamber of Commerce is another.
 This is a once a week commitment. DO IT! It will pay you back hundred fold.
 Delegate one person in your organization who will be the “face” of your company, if you have to. But there is nothing like the owner/president/general manager being the “face” of the company!
4. Network through Community Service
 Pick one service organization, Rotary, Altrusa, Junior League or similar.
 Volunteer, attend the meetings, and develop relationships.
 Remember, even in service and volunteer organizations, referrals are a two way street.
5. Become a local Expert
Plan to hold some events at your place of business this year. At these events you will give a talk/lecture on your area of expertise. This will help to establish you as a local expert and provide great visibility and new networking opportunities for your business.
 Be Informative, Relevant and above all Interesting!
 Do a press release.
 Phone all the people you have invited two days before the event.
 Market your event to all the people in your business networking groups.

 Market your events to everyone in your database. Using Constant Contact or similar.
 Devote yourself to your DATABASE in 2010! Get it organized and keep it that way. This is EQUITY to your company. It will pay off in $$$.
 Have all of your employees practice a one minute “commercial” of your business that they can say when circulating with the guests at your event.

6. Advertising Cost Relief
Cut back your print ad budget in 2010. Go with Networking. One-to-one in person networking and Social Internet Networking. One-to-one Networking is inexpensive compared to print ads, and depending on your industry, more effective. Social Internet costs nothing except time. Value is HUGE!
 Expenses you will incur:
 Printing expenses
 Membership dues for professional business networking organizations
 Staff time and wages for the hours spent in networking planning and activities.

The dollar value of referrals and business gained through your efforts in early 2010 may be hard to estimate at first, but the return on investment in the long run is PRICELESS!

Author: Deb Durkey, President
Social Internet Expertise
Business Facebook ,Twitter and LinkedIn in DFW
Social Internet Marketing and Strategies
Email Blasts with Constant Contact
Business Blogging
Blog: http:// http://www.durkeygurl.wordpress.com
http:// http://www.facebook.com/SocialInternetExpertiseDFW
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedIn.com/in/DebDurkey
Website: http://www.SocialInternetExpertise.com
***KEYWORDS if you don’t understand what your keywords for your industry are, ask your web developer or your SEO manager.